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It's hard to find a good business guest speaker. You want someone unique but not weird. You want someone who will engage with your people in a meaningful way. You want a positive impact. Imagine finding a speaker who will motivate your team to think.
Afterward, they will thank you too!

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Business Guest Speaker, Chris Reich, Creator of BizPhyZ
Chris Reich, Business Guest Speaker
Physics of Business™ will stimulate deeper thinking and promote having fun at work. It is not an exaggeration to say all of the challenges businesses face can be solved with diverse, critical, creative thinking. If you want to develop problem solvers at your business host a presentation by Chris Reich of BizPhyZ.

Creative & Critical Thinking

Host a business creativity workshop at your business. |
Creative Thinking Workshop
We want creative thinking but it's not easy to develop. This workshop will teach your team how to use proven techniques to develop fresh, juicy ideas for improving productivity, products and services. Through creative thinking, your team can do more with today's tight budgets.
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The Physics of Business™

BizPhyZ is the physics of business. Find ways to improve business through deeper thinking.
The Physics of Business Examples
If you enjoy watching science programs like COSMOS on TV, you'll really enjoy the Physics of Business™.
Here are some quick presentations:

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Business Speaker, Chris Reich of BizPhyZ