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Chris Reich, Business Speaker
I developed the Physics of Business™ to stimulate critical thinking while having fun at work. Real motivation comes from being able to contribute and getting recognition for bringing good thinking to the table. The science concepts I use are both fun and motivating.

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We want creative thinking but it's not easy to develop. This workshop will teach your team how to use proven techniques to develop fresh, juicy ideas for improving productivity, products and services. Your people can generate a wealth of great ideas with a little training.

The Physics of Business™

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If you enjoy watching science programs on TV, you'll really enjoy the Physics of Business™. I take the really cool stuff from science and make it understandable and fun. Then I lead us into a business discussion using the science principle. I have no trouble getting participation!
Your Team Will Be WOWED By The Physics of Business.BizPhyZ, the physics of business was invented by Chris Reich, Premier Guest Speaker Follow the "Next" Comet for an easy overview.
"Wow! That was fantastic! Can you do another 2 hours after the break?"
Happens all the time. That's why I prepare a lot of extra material when asked to speak at an event.
More! More! I always arrive prepared because people love science and business presented in a fun way. When they get excited about the concepts and start seeing the parallels to business, I can hardly contain the conversation. No nodding off while I'm explaining how gravity works and why you should think about sales in a totally different way.
You will see business in a new way after a BizPhyZ presentation.I invented BizPhyZ. Fun stuff from science is used to get people thinking about business.
If you want a fun and engaging guest speaker who loves to see a group get excited about learning, you should call me. When your team is having fun learning new things, their minds open to new possibilities. When they see how science and business fit together, the dialogue takes off.
This is science you love. This is science the way you wish you were taught in school. This is science you can use.
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