JUNE, 2013
Chris Reich writes about the ravages of entropy!Before I explain how to keep your business running smoothly and profitably, I need to  explain a couple of terms.  BizPhyZ is the science of business and physics. It's a very cool way of  explaining key business ideas using a fun science twist. BizPhyZ was coined and developed  by Chris Reich.

Entropy is commonly referred to as disorder. Disorder in a scientific sense means that the original order is disrupted. That's still too complicated.

Think about a cup of coffee. Add a bit of cream and you can see the coffee and the cream.  
Watch it for a while. They blend together and you can no longer see coffee or cream as  separate entities in the cup. And, you cannot unstir the creamed coffee back to separate  items!

Entropy is also destructive. The mountains are being worn down by rain and wind and  without the energy of lift from the tectonic plates, the earth would eventually be smooth  everywhere and covered with water!

Entropy is at work on your home. The roof wears, the paint fades. Without maintenance, in a thousand years it might be difficult to know that your home was even there in the first place! Without putting energy in, entropy will blend everything together slowly but surely. Think of entropy as similar to erosion. So what has that got to do with saving your business? Everything!

Consider your website. Is it ever really finished? As soon as you declare it "done" it begins to age and websites do not age gracefully. Your best selling product will be Obsolete soon. Even your services require constant new energy to prevent entropy from eating away at your success. And there's the point! Entropy feeds on success.

The number one thing that will kill a successful business is entropy. Why is that?

When we think we've got everything just right, we tend to relax, coast a little. As soon  as we reduce the energy we put into a business, entropy begins to pull it down.

Think about that. Entropy.

Chris Reich is a business speaker known for motivation and entertaining business talks using physics. Chris can be reached for comment by phone at:
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